I love a good story. But it’s an even better story with real facts. As I hope you’ll all see by yourself, telling the truth is very important to me. It’s the foundation of my education and I will transcribe this value in my blog.

To do so, I decided to launch “storyline”.


Storyline is a book full of different stories of my life. In this section I will do something that I am scared of and I will talk about my own thoughts. Without filters.

Storyline is my cure and I’ll be my own doctor!

New country, new lifestyle, new me 

Australia. For lots of people it means kangaroos, huge spiders and sun. To me it means changing. With this move to Australia I decided to also make a move to a new lifestyle, a new me.

It’s been a few months now that I haven’t been properly to the gym. Lack of motivation, lack of commitment and without even knowing it the gym became less important, not a priority anymore.

This has to change. This WILL change! That’s my first step to the new myself: make myself great again. Or finally? Whatever!

To make this change I’m willing to invest lots. Money first! I have a bit of knowledge about fitness but I keep injuring myself every time I get to the point where the physical changes are at their best.

To avoid that I want to invest on personal training! It will be a great motivation to have someone pushing me hard and that will help me create the best of myself from a fitness point of view.

But all the money in the world can’t buy one thing: Time.

And that will be my best investment! I want to come back to that time when I could be 2 hours in the gym waking up crazy hours to be prepared and enjoying every single minute and I know the recipe: It’s all about priorities.

  • Will I go to the gym or will I enjoy 2 more hours sleep?
  • Will I go to the gym or will I do some shopping?
  • Will I go to the gym or will I play Xbox on my free time?

While making it a priority, you have to remember that if it’s becoming a pain you’re probably doing too much and you’ll lose your motivation quickly.

Let’s set some goals and do some research now as I’m looking forward to having the program in my hands and the pain all over my body!!

Going to the gym is one thing but if you are not eating properly, it’s pointless!

That’s another change I’m willing to take in Australia. I will choose my personal trainer wisely as the nutrition has to be part of the program. It is as important as the exercises itself.

But this change is not just for a fitness benefit. I recently came back to France to see my family and I had some quality time with my brother. And I saw some really good changes on him such as more happiness, more control but most importantly less anger and less tiredness.

Knowing that he is a pastry chef and that he can easily work 15 hours a day, it’s pretty amazing don’t you think? But the recipe is quite simple: “Be with the right person and eat healthier” were his words!

By eating healthier he means eating better quality products! Nowadays for most people eating healthier means being vegan or avoiding almost every single food that make you happy. Even so, that’s not right! You just need to have better products and let your magic cooking skills do the rest!

Now that I understand that I am ready to take the next step: making it happen!

That’s my new goals set! Nothing impossible but big enough changes and hopefully great results both physically and mentally!

I will keep you posted on my progress on social media so go on the Instagram and Twitter widgets on the page to follow me 👊📱

From Jersey to Australia

I’m so tired. It’s almost 6 o’clock in the morning and my parents, my grandmother, my aunt and my cousin are with me at the Toulouse-Blagnac airport for the last time. The last goodbye for a long time. I’m moving to this little island that didn’t even exist for me about two years ago. I say goodbye and hug my mom crying. I can count on one hand the number of times I saw her crying. Hard feelings…

Leaving my family was hard but Jersey has been amazing to me.

I created myself in this island, in every corner of my life. I created a happier but more serious me, a smarter version able to speak three languages fluently and to work for what I dream of. I had a draft of a new lifestyle that I made real. Most importantly, I’ve been socialising myself more than I used to and gain more confidence.

This confidence means a lot to me right now, it’s a different one from what I was used to. I was confident enough to believe in my strengths when now I am able to make you feel those strengths.

Professionally, I had just one job but I had a few amazing experiences. Being a Hall and Conference Porter in a four stars’ hotel was interesting but I quickly run out of enlightenment or challenge. This job was definitely a good representation of my experience in Jersey from that point of view: Both the job and the island had so much to offer but the limits are reached promptly.

Screen Shot 2017-03-30 at 12.05.25.png

I did a part time waiter job as well to afford my lifestyle  but my favourite experience was doing modelling with my best friend for the opening of the biggest mall in town.

I was representing Tommy Hilfiger while he was the Hugo Boss model! We were lucky enough to meet the London faces of the brands and some of most important people and sponsors in the island.

Champagne, friends, quality clothes, important people; Definitely one of my best moment!

But the greatest gift Jersey gave me will always be this amazing woman that I now share my life with.

Chloe and I have the exact same expectations and ambitions in both our professional and private life. Although it wasn’t easy to get her into my life… If attitude was a kingdom, she would be the queen!

I met Chloe on a night out, I’m an old-school believer so if there’s music, there’s a dance! Lots of guys were looking at her so I built up the courage and went to ask her for a dance. “You’ve got 5 minutes to impress me” and a smile was her answer. I liked it, it was already a challenge but it became a quest! But every quest has their barrier and Chloe had a lot, legitimately.

It became a game where we were both extremely attracted to each other but neither of us wanted to get hurt and we didn’t play nice at first so we gave up. A month later we bumped to each other and surprisingly everything went smoothly.

We talked, laughed and joked the all night as if we’d always known each other. By then I realised that the first time wasn’t the right time, I wasn’t ready for anything serious and she wasn’t ready to meet anyone but after this night I knew that I would never give up on her again.


For me she’s the ultimate wScreen Shot 2017-03-30 at 12.19.35.pngoman, she’s got all I dreamt for:

She’s smart, driven, beautiful, independent, successful and I could continue like this all day!

She inspires me and falling for her is an everyday blessing because she doesn’t need me in her life but she decided to spend it with me.

2017 was a game changer for Chloe and I, we realised the limits in front of us. We faced limits individually in our lives but this was the first statement we made; Whatever the next step is, we make it together!

We wanted something new for me, another job I can enjoy and be proud of. Chloe was looking for a change and our bodies were craving the sun and blue sky.

Waiting for a holiday wasn’t an option so the moving option was getting more likely. We looked at different places and we balanced all pros and cons but the most exciting place was Australia. We kept having it in our minds every single time, it was ridiculous! The decision was easier for me, nothing except her was keeping me in Jersey as all my friends left the island.

But most of her friends was still in Jersey and most importantly, she has her family living here. However, in a few days, the decision was made and final… Perth it is!

Chloe and I are both organised and perfectionist in different ways so moving was all about excitement, not fear. Nevertheless, we had quite a journey organising our “release”!

I didn’t have a passport at the time so I had to apply for one. Thank God there is a consul here in Jersey! Yeah well, forget it! It’s a post-office for your ID, they can’t help you for the rest… St Malo it was then!

I asked for a few favours and a bit of luck to get (and save money) there but still, it must have been the most expensive passport ever! Although the outcome is priceless; The biggest smile Chloe ever had and this feeling of freedom under my feet!

Within ten minutes, visas were granted and flights booked. Emirates ladies and gentleman! Considering the journey we’d had, we’d done an amazing job of getting prepared in advance and I will detailed that later on in another blog.

Everyone was informed of our move and seemed happy for us. I went back to my family and friends for two weeks before D-day, which was amazing. Then all of my focus was leading to Perth. 501 days after my first big move and I was about to move again.


Another island, another continent, another life, Australia we are here!